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This page is considered sedimental, meaning that is regarded as an anchor of knowledge retaining to Super Mario 64. This may include anomalies commonly depicted as canon, or ideas that form the basis of the Super Mario 64 rabbit hole.

Original bowser room

A screenshot of the Bowser Room.

The Bowser Room is a single, hidden room in Super Mario 64. It is a small room with a white floor and grey walls, and a window on the wall. The purpose of this room or how to access it varies from copy to copy.


There are a few different versions of The Bowser Room that players have stumbled upon. Players have discovered different versions of the Bowser Room, seemingly the room in different states of development.

This video, by user Captain Swag, enters The Bowser Room by BLJ-ing into a hidden warp above the waterfall outside Peach's Castle. The room almost looks exactly like the screenshot of the room, but there is furniture and a door on the other sides of the room. There is no proper end goal, and the video abruptly ends with the user's Nintendo 64 crashing.

This video, by user jefftastic, enters The Bowser Room by entering the warp that takes you to the Secret Aquarium. The room is textured far differently from the screenshot and is expanded much more than the one depicted in Captain Swag's video. The furniture pieces are different and considerably lower detail. The goal is to collect 8 red coins, in which the user does and is given a star as a reward. The video ends after the user saves the game.

This video by marionova64, enters The Bowser Room through a door located in Bowser's Domain. The room is textured differently from the screenshot. The room seems to resemble a battlefield, where the Koopa King is fought. Interestingly enough, the paintings in the wall resemble images from Greenio's tapes, specifically, from the first ever lost tape. As a final note, the room uses the song made by Planet Bobstar, which could confirm that his songs are not fan-made and are actually real.


Some have theorized that the Bowser Room is associated with the scrapped "bad" ending for Super Mario 64. Another theory states that the room came from a hoax started by an anonymous Irish schoolboy, who after bringing a doctored photo to his school tricked his classmates into believing it. Their wish for it to become real caused the personalization A.I to implement it into the game.


  • It is said to be Miyamoto's favorite room. Unconfirmed development transcripts have recorded that he insisted that the room needed to be programmed in the game before it was finished.


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