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Super Mario 64: CLASSIFIED is a series of videos made by Annielogue.

Season 1[]




The title screen first appears, but it is graphically messed up. An error message then appears, that when translated is "The fun of Nintendo is endless" with a voice playing in the background. Next, Mario is at the endless staircase, but when he tries to leave a scream occurs. He then Backward Long Jumps on the stairs, where the message "Turn back" keeps appearing. He subsequently dies when he reaches the top. The same error message from the start then appears. Then, he is in a fight with Bowser who has text similar to his first fight but with the addition of "It's time to wake up. Please". The screen then goes to Mario in a room with two moving blue walls that crush him. The same error message as before is flashed on a red background. Lastly, the screen cuts to an image showing Mario flying with the Wing Cap towards an unknown location.




Mario enters the Castle and goes to Bob-omb Battlefield. When he enters the painting, the screen flickers. When on the Star Select screen, the description has a flickering black box over it and when the player tries to go left, it quickly goes back to the 4th star. When he enters the level, another error message appears, this time, when translated, it reads "The game has suddenly encountered a fatal error. Please reset the game system". The title screen then appears and suffers another graphical bug. Next, a creepy picture of Bowser slowly fades in while a Japanese voice repeats "The Fun of Nintendo is endless" (when translated). Mario (who now has 121 stars instead of the 10 stars he had earlier) is then at the village in Wet-Dry World. Messages appear on the screen reading "Help, The Flood, Save us". Mario subsequently goes to the courtyard and sees the lifeless body of Luigi. An ending black and white picture depicting a horrific Mario without eyes and a very young child standing next to him with a Nintendo Entertainment System kiosk sitting behind him, while a creepy variant of the Donut Plains map music from Super Mario World playing, and the end of the video, a graphical error, and a scary scream occurs subsequently. (which is actually sped-up audio of the zombie screams from Half-Life 2).




This seems to be a commercial accidentally airing on Cartoon Network back when the Nintendo 64 was called the Nintendo Ultra 64. It starts off with regular beta Mario 64 footage, but then, at 0:38, the infamous Wario Apparition occurs. The commercial then switches to a screen saying "EBS. This is a test. This station is conducting a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test." Then there are two long beeps, and at 0:58, the text changes to: “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The broadcasters of your area in voluntary cooperation with federal, state, and local authorities..."




The tape in this video was donated by another Youtuber, Marionova64. The two of them found this tape and the same video can be found on Marionova's channel, instead under the title "Internal Castle Plexus".

By far the most complex of the tapes, this video shows what appears to be the Internal Plexus of the Castle. At the start, the player starts the game, through all the tape, there's a message in the bottom right corner that says, "Player 2 No Input". At around 0:40, the player discovers a pipe, but that pipe took him back to the start of the game (notice that after the player enters the pipe, the waterfall is falling upwards, instead of downwards). After falling to the water, a white shadow of Mario appears while the player is swimming in the castle’s moat, and after a few seconds, the player gets teleported away from the moat. Then, after shooting the cannon, the player somehow manages to clip through the stained-glass window. While urged not to continue, the player continues through the labyrinth of hallways. They eventually come across a sign which tells them to leave. When they turn around, they see the Wario Apparition. After travelling to a distorted version of the castle's foyer and then through another hall, the player ends up out into a distorted version of the castle grounds. The player jumps into the water and finds an opening that they try to swim into, but the player's controller disconnects as seen with the "Player 1 No Input" flashing on the bottom left side of the screen. Without any control, Mario is left to drown in the water while the phrase "LEAVE" flashes on screen with the static of the tape getting worse and worse. The tape ends on an error message (which translated means "The fun of Nintendo has just begun").




This seems to be a canceled, unfinished promotion tape that would've been given out by Nintendo Power if the game would've been finished in December 1995, but the game was delayed, and the commercial was then left incomplete. Some of the ideas were then reused for a Star Fox 64 promotion VHS.

The tape shows the script of the commercial until there's a note covering part of the script saying "Shelf the video, game got delayed", then they show parts of the game until 1:04 where it says "Demonstrate Cold, Cold Crevasse" and "Demonstrate Fourth Floor" and for a few moments we can see the fourth floor, there's another part of the script and then part of the script says something (presumably "Demonstrate personalization A.I"), but there's a note covering it saying "STOP. SENDING. THESE. SCRIPTS. The game has been delayed.". Then we see the room with the trapdoor to Bowser in the Dark World and the Textureless Mario Anomaly shows up, the anomaly reappears with the message "I'm not having fun" and the screen goes black. There are four black and white images, first is a beta picture of Mario and the castle, then a screenshot of the Mirror Room, next is a screenshot of the fourth floor, and lastly another picture of what seems to be the balcony of the fourth floor (as seen in Tape 9). The tape ends with a message that says "Find the way to the 4th. End this once and for all. It's time to wake up".




According to the description, this shows a cut event that is presumably played by the Personalization A.I, that playing it would turn the game to region-locked mode that couldn't be reverted to its original state.

The tape starts with someone booting up the game until there's an error message (translated to "leave us"), the player restarts the game but gets the same error message, after slamming the cartridge, Mario spawns in the roof where he talks to Yoshi which says "Mario! Is that really you? It has been so long since our last adventure! They told me that I might see you if I just waited here, but I'd just about given up hope! You know? They said they were waiting for you, too. They weren't as patient as I am. My task is done. Go complete yours." Then a cutscene plays of Yoshi throwing himself off the roof and for a few moments, Yoshi's corpse with a pool of blood under him can be seen before the game shows a region-locked screen showing a sprite a Nintendo 64 console and a cartridge with a cross on it and the message "This game is not designed for use on this system. Please insert an NTSC-U cartridge" then suddenly, the console and cartridge sprites disappear, leaving only a light on the ground, there's a message saying, "You don't ever listen, do you?" and the screen slowly goes black. The screen slowly goes back and there's Mario standing on the light, a message appears "We were given life. We chose to rest and were forced to linger" as Luigi and Peach slowly appear from the shadows, there's more messages "It isn't fair, but they didn't care". The tape ends with a black screen and one final message "Do you?". Contrary to the final release, Yoshi’s dialogue is missing the typo “It that really you” and instead has the intended dialogue for the first sentence.




According to the description, this video shows rare footage of a rumored cut fourth floor on Princess Peach's Castle, as well as a special mission exclusive to it.

The video starts with a recording of a SGI Indy workstation computer, there's a window that says ""Yoshi Racing Demo "1994, Argonaut Games PLC" "Nintendo Co., Ltd."" a command prompt and then someone type something and boots up the July 29, 1995 build of Super Mario 64 and Mario appears in a room with a sign that says "The area you have reached is incomplete, and thus not meant for the general public. Please reset the system.". Mario then goes up the staircase and there's a big metal block blocking the entrance, Mario pushes it and enters the fourth floor, where there's Boos and a Mad Piano, there's a kitchen with the cake seen in the end screen (there's also a picture of Yoshi) and at the end of the hallway, there's a Toad that says "Mario! How did you get here so quick? Did you find all the stars? Aww, man, I can't believe they didn't tell me! Oh well... It's pretty peaceful up here, make yourself at home.", after speaking with Toad, Mario goes to the balcony (previously seen in Tape 7) until a message briefly appears saying "THE STATUE" and then Mario goes to a room with the Toad Shrine, he looks at it and he's teleported to a black screen with the message "GO TO THE PIPE. REACH THE CORE. DESTROY IT." and Mario goes back to the Toad Shrine room, suddenly the song is slower and then, Mario jumps into a pipe and enters a sub-area. In this sub-area, there's more Boos and Whomps, after a while the player notices a piece of the wall with a different texture and jumps through it, there's a room with a glitched square, the message "DESTROY IT" appears a few times and Mario punches the texture and red static appears with both the flashing messages "LEAVE" and "IT'S ALL OVER" and flashing images of Mario (from Tape 8), Luigi (from Tape 4) and Yoshi 's corpse (from Tape 8) and there's a sound of someone falling to the ground (presumably the player who suffered a seizure) and there's a crash handler and then, the end screen with a picture of Mario in a place (presumably in heaven) looking at Luigi and Peach and the text below saying "Thank You!", the screen then has a graphical error (like in Tape 4) and the video ends. This is probably a Loose Disturbance. Greenio has remove an X face screen, which it was Jim after you destroy the core. According to Greenio, the events of the tape never happened, and are just Jim's thoughts to what he could've done if he never got a seizure in Genesis.

Season 2[]


Beta Bob-Omb Battlefield - Spaceworld 1995 footage


According to the description, this video shows unauthorized amateur footage of 2 previously unseen areas of the Spaceworld 1995 build, captured on the show floor of the event. It also mentions the build shown in the footage could be from a misplaced development cartridge intended for showcase for the west due to the in-game English text.

It starts with the main menu; a textbox appears saying "Welcome to Mario Wonderland. If you're the adventurous sort, pay a visit to the castle ahead.". The player proceeds to enter the castle and a textbox appears saying "This castle is exclusive to the show. It's connected to a variety of worlds, so open the doors ahead and get adventuring." and after that, the player tries to enter a painting, but he can't, there's a sigh near the painting saying, "To do: Implement painting warp", the player then explores the castle until the player enters the stage select which says ""Stage Select" "Continue?" "1 River Mt." "2" "3" "4" "Back"" and selects River Mt. River Mountain seems to be an early version of Bob-Omb Battlefield with a waterfall, a river, the spike at the top of the mountain (which was also in the Spring '96 but without the flag in the top), more enemies like Whomps and Thwomps, more areas to explore and a sub-area which the player enters to. The sub area is an underground village area (which may or may not be an early Bob-Omb Village) which has a similar structure to the village area of Wet-Dry World, the player finds a yellow Bob-Omb Buddy which says "THE ENTIRE TOWN'S GONE MAD! TRY TO FLOOD THE VILLAGE AND COOL THE VILLAGERS DOWN." and then presses a Crystal Tap that floods the village and leads Mario to the Yellow Switch, Mario presses it and the game crashes, and both the Textureless Mario Anomaly and a crash handler appears, the video ends.

Snow level playtest[]


Snow level playtest session

According to the description, the video showcases Chroma Tundra, a beta course replacing Shifting Sand Land.

It starts with Mario sleeping in the castle who then wakes up and explores the castle until the playtester enters the basement and enters the warp to Shifting Sand Land, but instead of Shifting Sand Land, the stage's name seems to be Chroma Tundra and the star's name is "Atop Bowser's Outpost". The player enters Chroma Tundra, a stage with a similar layout to Shifting Sand Land, but the stage is snow-themed and there's a tower surrounded by fences in the middle of the stage which is Bowser's Outpost. The playtester finds and reads a sign saying "Now entering Chroma Tundra. Don't stand too long or you'll freeze your toes off. If you know what's right for ya, turn back now". After exploring and speaking to a small Koopa, the playtester finds a pipe near Bowser's Outpost covered in crates, the playtester breaks some of them and enters the pipe which leads to the inside of the tower. The inside of Bowser's Outpost has lava on the bottom of the tower and has a similar layout to Tick Tock Clock, after a while the player falls to the lava and dies. After a cut, the playtester is back where he was before he fell, he then climbs the top and enters a pipe which leads to the top of Bowser's Outpost which has a flag and a star (hence the name "Atop Bowser's Outpost"), after collecting the star, the playtester seems to talk with someone else named Bill, after talking the tape ends.

Deeper cavern[]


Deeper cavern

The video footage starts off with a pause screen, before being un-paused again and enables Mario to move freely. Mario then proceeds to collect some coins and break open a yellow box which contains a 1-UP inside of it, before being collected by none other than Mario. He then goes down a moving platform of some sorts, and eventually makes it down into the water section of the level "Hazy Maze Cave", one of the levels featured in the final release of Super Mario 64. He gets off said platform, runs and long jumps before landing hardly, causing some fall damage. He then proceeds to swim in the underground lake and soon encounters a Loch Ness type of animal in the waters too. Mario soon gets on and ground pounds the thing. It makes a squealing noise and lowers its neck down. Mario then gets onto the thing and uses the animal to obtain access to a specific entrance. He soon gets to that specific entrance and jumps to the land near the entrance. Mario proceeds to enter by opening the entrance's doors, and soon runs in its hallways to encounter a small floor warp. He then runs and jumps into said warp, and he soon lands (with his Metal Cap ability on) into a blue cave, with medium sized islands on the rapidly advancing rapids of blue, churning hot magma underneath. He defeats a couple of enemies before reverting to his normal state. Mario proceeds to jump on each single platform, with minimal damage done to him, and he eventually manages to reach the top to find a Metal Cap switch. He makes his way to it, and he gets to it, and pulls it down. After reading the dialogue and the game asking whether to save or not, Mario jumps and busts open a green box, which contains a Metal Cap, which when used, makes Mario fully immune to fire damage and fall damage (to an extent). He soon puts the cap on and becomes fully enclosed in metal again, this time defeating a couple of enemies while his Metal Cap ability lasts. From a distance, he sees a cave not too far away from him. In front of said cave, there is a sign, presumably to act as a warning. Mario then reverts to his original state and reads the sign, which reads the following: "Crawly cave up ahead. Things get hazy in the void, so they may not be what they seem. Enter at your own risk." He then finishes reading the sign and goes into said cave. He then reappears in a reddish colored room, with a hallway with numerous torches on the walls, with the carpet seemingly having an infinite amount of length. Mario them jumps up to the floor of the hallway and proceeds to run. As he runs, the walls fade away, followed by the carpet too. After a bit of running, he encounters on what appears to be Mario himself in the distance. As Mario approaches himself, the screen gradually flashes in and out before cutting out completely, with some text later appearing, reading the following.

"You're back.

Have you not learned your lesson?"

The text soon fades away and the game is transported to the title screen, with the interactive Mario head appearing shortly after. The game soon starts with Mario falling and soon landing hard on the ground, taking moderate fall damage. The outskirts of Peach's Castle had changed a bit when Mario was gone, possibly due to the effects of Dynamic Level Rearrangement, which is an ability given to the personalization AI, and it can change certain aspects of a level, like assets, enemy arrangements, object and power up placements, and in rare cases, make its own levels and music, and pull content from past beta builds. The outside, instead of being clear and filled with life, is now shrouded in fog, making visibility limited. The bridge that connects the castle to the rest of the remaining land is now gone, which looks suspiciously similar to the one seen in 01.22.96. The water is now gone, making the castle river empty and now accessible. Mario soon goes down said empty river and encounters a door. He soon enters said door and is now inside. The room that he is in has some stairs that lead to another door, while a painting of the damsel in distress, Princess Peach, hangs above the stairs. Mario soon makes his way to the door ahead, which leads to another room, this time having a different wallpaper and 4 doors for Mario to go in, with a compass or clock in the middle, which can be seen in earlier prerelease builds of Super Mario 64, such as the 1995 press kit build, the B-Roll build, the Shoshinkai 1995 build and it's most developed counterpart, the E3 1995 misplaced development cartridge. In the middle of the room, a sign can be seen which says the following: "4 doors, 4 challenges. Will you cower in fear and let the darkness consume you? Or will you face it and uncover the castle's true form? Choose wisely." He then enters one of the doors but is unable to do so. and the three remaining doors all share the same effect before encountering a door that is not affected by this. As soon as he enters said door, the screen turns to black.

Promo show[]


Promo show

The footage starts off with a black screen, with text following soon after saying "Nintendo Mania pilot (draft 5)", before coming to a colorful screen with the words "NINTENDO MANIA" appearing soon after, before fading out to a desk, where our announcer Mario, is reading a magazine on a desk, with said desk containing a CRT. Mario soon notices the camera, and says the following lines: "Oh, uh, hey paisanos, my name's Mario, but you probably knew that already. Now, you may be wondering, "What am I doing on your TV screen?". Well, now let me ask you this. What are ya, a cop? Hah, I'm joshin' with ya. I'm here to host this brand-new show, Nintendo Mania, where we'll be lookin' at over the hottest new video game releases! Eh, Nintendo ones, I mean. Eh, you're not- you're not going see that blue mouse guy here... (Sonic Reference) Now with that said, let's talk games. I'll just [unintelligible] bring out the big guns. That's right, "Super Mario 64" is in the spotlight today. Now you see, I'm too busy hosting this show here, so I'll have to explain it for my little brother Luigi to do. Check it out!" The footage cuts to a save selection screen, in which two seconds in, a code can be seen being put in, titled "LLRR>>>>", in which is done correctly, and a sound sample of Luigi can be heard. The player soon selects a save file and plays the game from there. Upon the game loading as usual, the game starts up, with Luigi standing in the outskirts of Peach's Castle. He soon walks, runs and jumps his way to the castle. Upon Luigi's arrival, all of the doors are replaced by bricks, thus preventing Luigi from gaining access to many of the stages. After some time finding a way in, he eventually ground pounds onto the main middle section of the castle lobby, causing Luigi to break through the floor and fall. Anyhow, he later reappears in the same lobby Mario was in, in the video named "Deeper Cavern". He later goes into one of the doors accessible. Upon exiting, Luigi finds himself in a maze of some sorts, lined with brick walls and Piranha Plants to hurt Luigi as he collects the 8 red coins scattered along the maze. After some time, Luigi triple-jumps out of the maze, encountering a couple of Goombas and a much more open view to see where the red coins are. He soon finds a way to get into the castle's backyard and collects the last red coin, which is where the Eternal Star is located. Upon collecting the last red coin, a Power Star appears in a mini lake in the brick maze. He soon collects it and the footage zooms out back to Mario, saying the following: "Like what you're seeing so far? Great! We'll wait for Luigi to catch his breath for a second before checking in-" The footage cuts to a commercial break, before cutting to a black screen saying, "Insert commercials here", after which the show resumes, albeit slightly glitched graphically. Mario continues to talk, saying the following: " Yeah, welcome back to Nintendo Mania. I just got off a call from Luigi, the fella's gettin' tired. Should've let me do the job, huh? Well, too bad I'm stuck here. Cheer him on, will ya?" The footage cuts to Luigi in the mini pond that was in the brick maze, and the brick walls are now flowers. Luigi continues to run, jump and attempt to get into the castle, until the player notices that some of the bricks are protruding from the castle walls. Luigi uses them to get to a window to enter the castle. Once he makes it to said window, there is a hallway with a pipe at the end of it. Luigi makes his way towards the pipe and soon ends up in a floor, named by some as "Floor 2B", one of the many rumored stages found on the Super Mario 64 Iceberg. Luigi explores Floor 2B for a while until he eventually finds a room with a giant pool in it. He swims it for a bit, then gets out and proceeds to talk to Toad, which Toad says the following: "I'd love to take a swim, but I'm scared of how deep this pool is. And that tunnel... I shudder just thinking about it! I wonder where it leads to...?" Luigi ends the conversation and goes through said tunnel Toad was mentioning earlier. He soon reaches a point in where there is a hole that leads to somewhere much deeper. The footage cuts to Mario, now having a depressed look on his face. The footage cuts back to Luigi, now swimming in a dark hallway that just so happens to pass through the stage entrance for Wet-Dry World and leads to the exit. Luigi keeps swimming and nearly drowns on his swimming adventure by collecting a couple of coins that just so happens to give Green Mario enough strength to keep going. He keeps finding a way out, but it is futile to do so, as he is now trapped there indefinitely. Luigi reaches to the point on where he can no longer keep himself alive for much longer underwater, and soon he inevitably drowns. The footage cuts back to Mario, in which his 3D SGI model is now disproportionate in several ways, and his television, desk, and all of the things on set are now gone. A man off screen keeps repeating "Nintendo's fun is infinite" 5 times- They keep on repeating. Mario's not the same anymore. Trying to stop this is futile. The footage soon cuts back to a picture of the mini pond Luigi was in earlier, now having a star. It now has the Eternal Star. It soon cuts to black, leaving nothing but darkness.




As its name says, the content of the tape supposedly shows the genesis of all the Super Mario 64 phenomena started by the Personalization A.I. The video starts showing a workspace computer with some apps opened, one of them being the game 'Ultra Mario' (the first name of SM64). This first footage was recorded on April 3, 1995. Immediately after the video starts, Jim (a recurrent character on the tapes' canon) is documenting the earliest build of Super Mario 64 (Log 1). The course is very similar to the one showed in 'prerealease_material_2' from the Odd Findings, having a road like the one saw in Bowser in The Sky. Mario starts moving, being able to walk and jump, but without the most of his abilities in later builds. His animations are lagged and primitive, too. Jim stills talking about the game, showing the Wall Jump in some parts of the course. When he completes the level, the footage cuts and then starts again in another date: May 9, 1995. This footage starts with the same computer on another workspace, with a Debug Menu that has the name of the game and the course select (Log 32). Jim selects the one called 'Grass' and starts saying that the game needed to be 'more open', so his team and he made a wider level and a higher level of interaction, adding enemies and coins. They also improved the Hud and the Mario animations as well. After Mario (or Jim) collects a circle of coins, someone called Bill enters the room and talks to Jim, telling him to add a boss that Bill considers 'original'. Bill says that he thinks adding a floating Wario head as a boss, which Jim finds ridiculous, but Bill disagrees, and then suggests adding the head as a title screen. Jim then stops documenting the stage and the footage cuts again, then, as before, it continues on Jun 20, 1995. The footage starts in the same workspace that appeared at the beginning, with a better build than the last one. (Log 64). The Hud was improved again and the Castle was finally added. Jim controls Mario and explains that now it's possible to swim if you want, so he enters the moat and finds a hole to enter the castle. Later, he appears in a preliminary version of the basement. Then, he goes to a room with a painting of a Shy Guy and a Pokey, presumably, trying to enter it.

Bill interrupts again and says Jim that he has to improve the game again and made a further update of it. Jim gets angry and says Bill that making a game is not that easy and that coding takes entire months, besides being mainly done by him. Bill finally tells Jim to try to fix the game while the logistics are figured out and while the team ends an "enhancer". The footage cuts again, then restarts on the infamous date: July 29, 1995.

This was the only footage recorded in the night. Jim calls the log "I dunno, I don't care", being tired of working and working. It starts with the computer running an even more improved build of the game with the text 'Enhancer Offline'. The stage is almost identically to the showed in 07.29.95, with some minor differences. Jim plays the game again, walking all the '4th floor' until he finds a garden with a maze, a Toad Shrine and a primitive Warp Pipe. Mario gets in and appears in dark stage with several lights to guide the player. Jim is confused, but stills walking, while an ominous version of the castle theme plays. Then, Jim founds a Yellow Switch. After that, the screen turns black for a few seconds and restarts with the Switch already pressed, the computer saying, 'Low Battery' and Jim having a seizure with Bill trying to help him and call an ambulance, while talking to other partner called Steve. After that, the screen turns black again and shows the Textureless Mario Anomaly saying 'Number 9' several times very similarly to The Beatles' Revolution 9, until he looks at the camera and the footage finally ends.




The tape begins by showing the failed attempts of Jim's partners, Steve and Bill, trying to film a commercial for the early 1995 versions of Super Mario 64, if the game had been released that year (note the similarities to 11.15.95). At the beginning, Bill starts introducing the game, showing content of Whomp's fortress, Bob-Omb Battlefield, Bowser in the Dark World, and the Ultra 64, until the commercial puts a scene of Mario and a Thwomp and Bill says 'wait, stop recording it'. Steve asks him why, to which he replies that he got confused and said the wrong line, then Steve plays the commercial again and says, 'Super Mario 64 commercial, take 2.'

When Bill gets again into the last part filmed, he gets confused once again and explains Steve that he isn't sure about the 'Ultra 64 thing'. Bill apologizes and says that he won't fail again, but when they are recording again, Bill gets raged and just says 'fuck'.

Bill explains to Steve that he remembered something about Jim's game scripts, related to a Demo version he made, he asks Steve for information and says that there are people in and out the building, watching that nothing related to Super Mario 64 came out. Bill proposes that they will skip everything to the punch scene to do the rest later, and they successfully record the clip. Reassured, Bill thanks God, but the Textureless Mario Anomaly appears. Bill asks Steve to rewind the tape a bit, but when he does, nothing appears. Bill says 'Huh, I could swear I saw something', and then gameplay footage from the Shoskinkai shows Mario swimming in the beta version of Jolly Roger Bay, followed by a demonstration of a large, dark, maze-like room with lots of visible bricks, the footage of which was recorded by Jim. Bill, intrigued, asks Steve if that level was made by 'the enhancer', since that material could not be recorded yet. Steve tells him to just remove the enhancer from the game, but Bill gets mad at him and sneers wryly. Bill apologizes again, saying that he's on the edge, and then they say they will do the script for Pilotwings 64.

The tape cuts briefly and then show Steve and Bill trying to record the Pilotwings commercial, but instead one of Jim's logs was in place. Bill, concerned, tells Steve that 'they are not supposed to leave the vault', and after theorizing a bit how they got there, Bill asks Steve if he still has the Pilotwings tape, to which his friend replies that he does, and they proceed to look for it. Before the scene ends again, Bill asks 'Is that a cassette recorder ...?!'

'It's rolling. How long has this been here?!'

After that, the Textureless Mario Anomaly appears once again for an instant, then, the castle appears, very similar to the one seen in Deeper Cavern and Promo Show, as the anomaly starts materializing. He starts talking to the viewer, breaking the 4th wall:








(the anomaly looks at the camera).

E V E R Y T H I N G"

After his dialogue, he spams the phrase 'IT HURTS' several times. He appears in a black and white picture, distorted, and without eyes, saying 'My name is', in less than a second. Finally, a Nintendo 64 controller appears, with the buttons A & B being mashed constantly, until the screen turns black and the tape ends.




The tape begins with Bill and Steve having a conversation with each other, with Steve stating that when he woke up in the morning to check up on SM64, half the levels just vanished, telling Bill to meet him at E3.

The tape then cuts to black before fading to a new episode of "Nintendo Mania", with the Mario Bros. introducing SM64 to the public. Near the end, the tape begins to glitch out, with it stating, "This isn't right". After Mario tells the producer to, "Roll the footage", the gameplay of SM64 starts.

The gameplay starts with Mario walking around the castle. Mario then continues to go through levels not seen in the final game, as well as an early version of Jolly Roger Bay, destroying keys along the way. after the 2 keys are destroyed, the footage cuts back to Nintendo Mania.

The tape then shows Mario, all alone in the studio, until Luigi suddenly appears, and then proceeds to insult Mario with the audience laughing along with him. After Luigi keeps on saying, "They love ya!", Luigi suddenly disappears along with the audience, leaving Mario alone again. after that, the tape then cuts back to SM64 gameplay.

After the gameplay footage, it then cuts back to the cartoon. Luigi notices Mario standing in darkness all by himself. Luigi questions what he is doing; then proceeds to tell him that the aforementioned insults were just for the show. Mario replies saying that he knows, and that it's all just pretending, and they must keep pretending. Luigi obviously does not know what Mario means by this; he then tells him that, whenever Mario isn't around, it's like Luigi isn't either. Luigi then claims that if Mario does not want to go on with this show, Luigi will always be with him. Mario is relieved by this information, and turns his back to Luigi saying "Alright, you got me. Let's go home!" As it shows that Luigi is no longer there, and the lights slowly dim.

Back to SM64 Gameplay, Mario comes across a weird statue, as well as the core, both in the castle. Mario then enters a meadow with a windmill, and then enters the windmill, and then, the textureless Mario Anomaly slowly fades on-screen, as he says:

"I don't know what to do.

I'm finished.

You just get lost.

Every time.

And you never listen.

And you always hurt me.


That's your name.

I saw it.

In the words inside of me.

I saw other names too.

Are they your friends?

I don't think they like you.

And I don't think you like me!

Because you hurt me so much.

I can't go away.

I want to go.


I'm not having fun."

The tape Ends with Jim deleting the AI's source code, and then telling the viewers his final words before he goes, and that "It all ends here. For good.", along with some music over the text, "The End".


The description for the 05.30.97 details and scrapped ending is only located in some builds of the game, and even then, it is usually inaccessible. This ending appears to be a bad ending where Mario fails to Bowser. The room that appears in the video could very well be the infamous Bowser Room. It shares some similarities with the most popular depiction of the room: it features grey walls with a sort of screen on the wall. With this, the video explains that the Bowser Room was meant to be used for the unused bad ending. In 09.02.97, the 'THE END' screen shows a Horrific Mario trying to hug a scared child. That Mario is very similar to the saw at the ending of Aftermath. In 01.22.96, around 4:30, the text "Player 1 No Input" appears, as the player keeps mashing buttons (meaning the controller turn off itself) you can notice something: As Mario slowly drowns, the button mashing slowly stops, as if the player was dying along with Mario, by the time Mario dies, the button mashing already stopped. In 09.14.96, Yoshi's message " They said they were waiting for you, too. They weren't as patient as I am." implies there were more Yoshis on the roof who also killed themselves, there's also the message "You don't ever listen, do you? We were given life. We chose to rest. And were forced to linger. It isn't fair. But they didn't care. Do you?" which implies that the characters like Mario, Luigi and Peach are all sentient and the Personalization A.I. is torturing them, killing them over and over. Some people have theorized that the button mashing in Aftermath means something, specifically, Stanley, supposedly in Bacon Cipher code, which means that the Textureless Mario Anomaly is the Personification of the A.I., and the main antagonist in the tapes' lore.


Bacon cipher code in Aftermath, saying Stanley.

Phenomena in the tapes[]

05.30.97: The Bowser Room.

09.02.97: Wet-Dry World Negative Emotional Aura, Luigi died.

01.22.96: Internal Castle Plexus, The Wario Apparition.

11.15.95: Textureless Mario Anomaly, 4th floor.

09.14.96: The Super Mario Movie Phenomenon, Yoshi commits suicide.

07.29.95: 1995/07/29 Build, Toad Shrine, 4th floor, Yoshi Racing, SGI.


  • On August 8th, 2020, Greenio decided to both delete the ending monologue in Tape 9 and make Tapes 1, 2 and 12 not canon to the other, at the time, 6 tapes, these 3 tapes are now in Greenio's Odd Findings.
  • Beta Bob-Omb Battlefield went through two other, almost entirely different revisions before the final vision were set. Those two versions can be seen on Greenio, too.
  • 05.30.97 has an anachronism, since the BLJ was discovered on March 16, 2003.
  • 09.02.97 shows an actual picture of the 1986 Mario-a-thon, just with the screaming kid added and with the edited Mario.
  • As strange as it is, the images that are seen in the tapes are just distorted and edited photos from said Mario-A-thon. How they ended up in said tapes and distorted is unknown.
  • In the season 1 commentary, Greenio explains that 09.02.97 would have had a different ending, as Mario would enter the house at Wet-Dry World and a machine would tie and dismember him, but decided to remove it so the tape had no gore. Also explains that the "blood" hallway at 01.22.96 could lead to a Bowser level and that the tape itself shows a darker version of Breaking the Barrier by Marionova64.
  • The 6 in "Super Mario 64" at the beginning of 05.30.97 flashes 3 times, forming 666. The number 666 is symbol of number of the beast.
  • Stanley uses the pronouns he/them in the series, as explained by Greenio in the commentary for season one.