This page is for Stanley, a character created by the community to represent the more neutral side of the Personalisation A.I.. As of recently, Stanley is no longer deemed canon by the wiki and will not be treated as such. This page is merely here to document his appearances within the community. Do not use Stanley within any canon content on the wiki.

This article refers to Stanley, the community's physical depiction of the A.I. who is no longer canon. Were you looking for the Personification of the A.I.?

Artist's rendition of Stanley.

Stanley, generally shortened to Stan, is a physical representation of the Personalisation A.I.. His name and identity was given by the MIPS Hole Discord group, and was first established with a joke article on the wiki[1] created by Rezza2020. Ever since, he has become a symbol and inside joke within the wiki's community.

As a creation by the community, Stanley has not actually appeared within Super Mario 64. Some people still assume he has, but they are probably under the influence of hardcore drugs.


Findmeifyoucan ARG

An ARG was orchestrated by the user RazorBloxy, involving an account by the name of findmeifyoucan. The ARG told the story of Stanley as he was held captive by the nefarious Wario Apparition. Users had to play Super Mario 64 and send screenshots to the findmeifyoucan account to help free Stanley.

Three audio files were uploaded to the wiki during the ARG's run, two for the ending outcomes and one as Stanley's song. Long after the ARG's conclusion on July 31st, the Findmeifyoucan account released one last song with the comment "goodbye", concluding Findmeifyoucan's story. The original three tracks can be found on the MIPS Hole Youtube channel.

Stansong dandelion.ogg

jefftastic's Videos

In jefftastic's Video Delicious Cake, jefftastic appears to have Stanley communicate to him through the game. With the screen black, text talks to jefftastic telling him how he can get a cake, and begging not to be turned off. With his final words, a fuzzy image of Stanley is seen in the background fading in until the scene abruptly stops.

With Stanley's now deemed non-canon, it's unsure where Stanley's apperance or this video sits within jefftastic's own canon. In his next video, Mario Update, jefftastic mentions how his copy of Super Mario 64 no longer works and that he'll be using a brand new one from then on out. While other anomalies continue to persist, ever since Stanley has yet to make a reappearance in jefftastic's videos.


White-eyed Chomp

White-eyed Chomp is actually Stanley's dog, and he has been seen taking the chomp out for walks on occasion. In the Findmeifyoucan ARG, White-eyed Chomp joined the server and 'assisted' with the ARG. Upon Stanley being made free, he said "hello doggy" to the White-eyed Chomp.


  • Stanley is also the name of another Mario character, Stanley the Bugman, who appears in Donkey Kong 3.
  • In Greenio's tapes, a character almost identical to Stanley appears in the latter tapes. He goes by the name Mar[2], and he is a personification of the A.I.[3] just like Stanley.


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