Princess Peach is a prominent character in the Super Mario series and the monarchical ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Acting as the series' damsel-in-distress, she is often kidnapped by the evil Bowser/King Koopa where she has to be rescued by Mario.


In Super Mario 64, Princess Peach's very own Mushroom Castle acts as the game's central hub world. Bowser has invaded the castle and kidnapped Peach once again, keeping her captive until the end of the game.


Behind the Stained Glass Window

Circulated image explaining the conspiracy theory.

Princess Peach's iconic stained glass window seems to hold some inconsistencies. The stained glass window also appears in the foyer of the castle, although architecturally its positioning wouldn't make sense in correlation to the castle's structure. Additionally, the stained glass texture inside the castle is different from the one outside of the castle, including a darker purple background. If these are two separate windows, then that must mean there is a room in between the two.

In the game's ending, Peach appears in front of the stained glass window. A popular theory is that Princess Peach was actually sealed within the room in between the two stained glass windows.

This supposed room found behind the stained glass window is explored within one of Greenio's tapes, 01.22.96, and here it is associated with the Internal Plexus.


  • An earlier version of Peach's model was found in the July 25th 2020 leak revealing that her model once had legs. These were likely removed in the final game as the cutscenes featuring her have her model go transparent, meaning her legs would be visible through her dress.
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