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Lethal Lava Land is a fiery level with a relatively low amount of anomalies. The course is a variety of platforms set upon a large pool of lava, all situated around a volcano which can be entered as a sub-area. The level is known for it's infamous painting, which is a large, scary-looking fireball, despite how relatively simple the level is. It also makes use of koopa shells to safely surf across the lava.

While straightforward on the outside, Lethal Lava Land hides a few strange anomalies and sightings within it.


Lethal Lava Land is on a large plain of lava with many uniquely-shaped platforms on it. Notable areas include the areas where the Bully bosses are foughtm the Bowser puzzle which has the red coins above it, and the sub-area, which has 2 stars.


  7. 100 COIN STAR


Blargg 64

Blargg, hacked into the stage.


Main article: Blargg

Found unused in the game's files is the untextured entity of Blargg, an enemy making their first and only major appearance in Super Mario World. They were set to reappear in Lethal Lava Land, along with Bowser in the Fire Sea and oddly Wing Mario over the Rainbow.

The enemy ultimately went unused in the retail release of Super Mario 64, most likely due to time constraints as seen with the enemy's unfinished state. However, some people report that Blargg has appeared within their personalised copies, likely the A.I. pulling assets to use and trick the player.

Dancing Flowers[]

Main article: Dancing Flowers

Most levels in Super Mario 64 has an environmental effect. For example, Lethal Lava Land has an effect that creates lava bubbles that gurgle on the surface of the lava in the stage. One of the unused environmental effects is one featuring dancing flowers, which would spawn around the player on the plane they are standing on. While this effect goes unused in the final game, the graphic for the dancing flowers is still found in the game and strangely are coupled with most of the graphics associated with Lethal Lava Land. It is possible that they were associated with an earlier version of the level, or a scrapped enemy or item.


The Volcano Blocks.

Volcano Blocks[]

Inside the volcano where the Power Star for "Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano" is, a strange arrangement of metallic blocks can be seen around the star. What they are is unknown; they appear to be ruins, although their metallic texture suggests otherwise. The texture on these blocks are unique to Lethal Lava Land, and their strange appearance has led players to question their significance.

Level extension[]

Some people have claimed that the lava extends farther in their personalised copies. Sometimes the platforms are spread out to adapt to the larger level size, while sometimes they stay in their usual place. Their may also be a star at the edge of the level, which requires use of a koopa shell to get to, usually called "At the Edge of the World".

LLL blava attempt 2

Blue lava. Oddly, only the lava and fire are blue, while the platforms and bubbles remain red.

Blue Lava[]

Blue Lava can be found in some copies of Super Mario 64 making the lava in Lethal Lava Land turn light blue with a glow and making skybox at night with a blue hue in it. Blue Lava is a real phenomena located at the Kawah Ijen Volcano in Banyuwangi Regency, it is caused by the high concentrations of burning sulfur up 600 degrees. If any human would come close to they would die from breathing in all the sulfur and from the heat, so then the course name being Lethal Lava Land would make sense. The unique level theme is most likely created by the Personalisation A.I. giving the player a unique theme.

Fire Snakes[]

Fire Snakes are enemies in the Super Mario Bros. series, first appearing in Super Mario Bros 3., that can supposedly appear in Lethal Lava Land. They are a series of fireballs in the form of a snake with eyes on the front fireball that jump around in unison. In manifestations where they appear, they can function as a series of the jumping fire in the base game, with or without their eyes, or have the ability to target the player.

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