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The Child of Big Bob-Omb, sometimes referred to as Prince Bob-omb by the community, is a supposed character in Super Mario 64 and the son of Big Bob-omb. Despite being not recognized officially, many have recounted seeing the Child of King Bob-omb in their game. The Child of King Bob-omb has the appearance of a regular Bob-omb, except slightly smaller and wearing an oversized crown reminiscent of his father's.


Much like the White-eyed Chomp, the appearance of the Child of Big Bob-omb is an indicator that the player's copy of Super Mario 64 is set to have heavy amounts of personalization. Although many never see the Child of King Bob-omb due to the happenstance of where they appear. On the last star of Bob-omb Battlefield, Behind Chain Chomp's Gate, he can be found atop the mountain where Big Bob-omb once resided. He can be interacted with, where he declares that he will right the wrongs of the king.

For the few that have seen the Child of Big Bob-omb, they go on to claim that he can be found within Princess Peach's Castle later on. Specifically, he can be found upon the second floor where he will run from Mario. No matter how fast Mario goes, he isn't able to keep up with the Child of King Bob-omb. If chased for long enough, Prince Bob-omb will flee into the Bob-omb painting on the second floor, where Mario cannot follow since it's a fake painting.

Those that left the Child of Big Bob-omb alone on the second floor however were able to see them walk away. If the player slowly follows the Child of Big Bob-omb now, they will not flee. The Child of Big Bob-omb would then jump into the Bob-omb painting again, although now Mario can follow with them and enter a brand new location. What this location is exactly is unknown, although many presume it to be Bob-omb Village.


The Child of Big Bob-omb has yet to reappear in the Mario franchise, not even reappearing in Super Mario 64 DS. His absence is unexplained, although it's likely that he was a rejected character idea for Super Mario 64, and his remnants were repurposed and reused by Nintendo's experimental personalisation A.I.


The supposed magazine scan.

  • There's a supposed magazine scan that features a shaven version of Big Bob-omb. This image is commonly associated with the Child of Big Bob-omb, although its appearance does not resemble what many users have reported seeing of the anomaly.
  • A statue of a Bob-omb with a crown can supposedly be found within Bob-omb Village. It's reasonable to assume this statue is dedicated to Prince Bob-omb himself.
  • There is a Prototype King Bob-omb render that looks similar to the child of Big Bob-omb. It is from a SM64 themed phone box.
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