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Bob-omb Battlefield is the first course in Super Mario 64. Set amid a war between the two races of Bob-ombs, it continues the trend of grassy fields for opening levels in the Super Mario series. Big Bob-omb, leader of the black Bob-ombs, poses as the first boss you battle in Super Mario 64.


Bob-omb Battlefield is set in a field featurings many bubbly trees and rocky structures scattered throughout. Its most prominent feature is the summit mentioned in the first mission title, situated in the corner of the map with a spiraling path up to the top of it. On top of this mountain is where Big Bob-omb resides, as well as the flag for the race with Koopa the Quick. Other notable areas include a floating island and a cage guarded by a Chain Chomp. It prominently features Goombas and Bob-ombs as enemies.


  7. 100 COIN STAR


Despite being the first course the player would come across in Super Mario 64, Bob-omb Battlefield doesn't have as much pre-release footage as many other levels in Super Mario 64. According to Miyamoto[1], the trench that makes up the middle section of Bob-omb Battlefield was once home to a sprawling lake, but had to be removed to not risk troubling inexperienced players.

A prominent feature of Bob-omb Battlefield's earlier versions is a spike on top of the mountain. The purpose of this spike is unknown, but it was likely removed so that it wouldn't clash with Big Bob-omb's boss battle or Koopa the Quick's flag.

Bob-omb Village[]

Sombrero Build

Picture from the Sombrero Build speculated to be an early version of Bob-omb Village

Main article: Bob-omb Village

One speculated early revision of Bob-omb Battlefield is a supposed "Bob-omb Village". This area was presumed to be home to a village filled with Bob-ombs, and has its origins situated within the mysterious Sombrero Build of Super Mario 64.

While remnants of Bob-omb Village have yet to resurface, some people claim that they've encountered a village in Bob-omb Battlefield within their copies of Super Mario 64.


White-eyed Chomp[]

Some players have reported encountering the White-eyed Chomp here. The White-eyed Chomp often serves as a warning that the copy of the game is heavily personalized and contains more dangerous and rare Anomalies such as the Wario Apparition, or, more commonly, the Fourth Floor.


White-eyed Chomp

Other phenomenons that occur with the White-eyed Chomp are that the text will occasionally be different, and stars might move to a different location.

Child of Big Bob-omb[]

Main article: Child of Big Bob-omb

The Child of Big Bob-omb, also known as Prince Bob-omb is an anomaly found in heavily personalized copies, speculated to be related to Bob-omb Village.

The Easy Way Out[]

This page is apart of the Super Mario 64 DS canon, a piece of canon revolving around a unique version of the Personalization A.I. found in Super Mario 64 DS.

"The Easy Way Out" is star which some have claimed to encounter in the DS version. It is a star that appears in the area with the 1-up, red coin and purple button to open the gate. The star allegedly replaces "Shoot to the Island in the Sky". It is currently unknown what the name means by "The Easy Way Out," though it might be referring to the fact that the area in question has a switch that opens a gate, making an easy shortcut between the two sides of the level.


Ptooies are enemies in the Super Mario Bros. series, first appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3, that have been reported to appear in Bob-omb Battlefield, despite the fact regular Piranha Plants do not appear in Bob-omb Battlefield in standard copies. They are a variant of a Piranha Plant that can walk around, and also carry a spiky ball suspended in the air due to the Ptooie blowing air up towards the spiky ball. In most manifestations, the Ptooies are simply Piranha Plants with a Big Steely floating above them until they are attacked, which will cause the Big Steely to fall down and act like a normal Big Steely afterwards. However, several have reported Ptooies appearing in their completed state, walking around with a unique spiky ball object that functions identically to a Big Steely, occasionally dealing extra damage.

Chomp Caverns[]

Allegedly an area found in certain personalized copies of Super Mario 64, found in a big hole behind the gate. If Mario were to enter it, he will be transported to a large, cavernous area similar to that of Hazy Maze Cave. The cavern's design is quite linear, similar to that of the many Bowser stages seen in the game, and contain many Small Chain Chomps (see Chain Chomp) and Scuttlebugs. At the end of the cave is a small ledge containing Power Star. It is said that it replaces the star 'Behind Chain Chomp's Gate' due to their similar concepts.

Autumnal Battlefield[]

Commonly found as an instance of Dynamic Level Rearrangement, Autumnal Battlefield is described as a replacement or counterpart level or Bob-omb Battlefield taking place in the fall season, with orange textures and a sunset skybox. It generally has nearly identical geography to Bob-omb Battlefield, with some differences, such as an open field area in place of the Chain Chomp or more floating islands, and harder versions of the original BOB missions, though several have also reported it includes anomalous missions such as those seen in instances of Notable Star Relocation.


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