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SpyBoxOnline SpyBoxOnline 8 days ago

Ideal MIPS Hole Staff positions list


VentureSonic2 (stay)


SigmaShield (stay)

WWW (stay)

RazorBloxy (remove)

DeityOfToxin (remove)

DeityOfToxin's Alt (remove)

Jefftastic (remove)

Thread Moderators:

NickTheGolfer (add)

Mintiously (add)

Omnicron (add)

Content Moderators:

Possibly WWW but he seems to be using his discussion privilege as an admin fine as of right now. So I would say none.

Rollback Moderators:

Me (I mean I would like to be an admin, but this is probably all I would get in the near future)

Discord Moderators (wayyyy too many right now):

-Mint (wiki chat mod and discord mod)

-Nick (wiki chat mod and discord mod)

-Omnicron (wiki chat mod and discord mod)

-RazorBloxy (not wiki admin just discord)

DeityOfToxin (not wiki admin just discord)

SigmaShield (wiki and discord)


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Kirex Anibus Kirex Anibus 24 days ago

no sukcing dlidos

i wnot suck dildso pls

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190'5 5u3105 190'5 5u3105 11 September

190'5 5u3105's Blog

  • 1 About
  • 2 Pages Edited
    • 2.1 Most Of Kirex Anibus's Pages
    • 2.2 Devil Number Divided By 2 Lmao (But Minus 16 Because Venture Sonic Murdered Every Page Not Lmao)
    • 2.3 Some Of The Weirdweirdweirdo's Page
  • 3 Penguin
  • 4 Viewing Frustum
  • 5 What Was That For?!
  • 6 What Is Random Stuffs?

190'5 5u3105's Blog (Also Known As "190'5 5u3105 Edits"),Is An Anomaly In MIPS Hole Where User:190'5 5u3105,A New User,Edits A Page For Some Reason,But Gets Restored Back Even Though It's Good And Just Adding A Space In Some Random Paragraphs.



Make It Longer,Longer = Better

Penguin Was A NPC You Need To Race On In SM64,He/She Was Given A Major Role In Super Mario 64 (1996) And Its DS Remake Super Mario 64 DS (2004),Where They Could Be Seen In The Level Cool, Cool Mountain.In The G…

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 9 September

Among Us 64 Beta Archive Transcripts:Tutorial

A transcript of a now-deleted video made by the channel Among Us 64 Beta Archive.*

|The blue, beta Nintendo logo plays, with no SFX|

|We are greeted with the game’s title screen, which at this point is just the boxart, with a “Press Start”.|

|Start is pressed, of course, resulting in “choose campaign”. “Crewmate” and “Impostor” are there, but Impostor is greyed out. Whether that meant the tester didn’t unlock Impostor or Impostor was not yet implemented, we’re not sure|

|The player spawns in a room offly similar to the Lobby of the mobile “Among Us”. A VHS player can be found. However, the tester instead opts to walk around the tutorial room, and then attempts to leave-They cannot, the door cannot be opened. The tester then walks to the VHS pla…

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SpyBoxOnline SpyBoxOnline 8 September

MIPS Hole To-Do List

This stuff is stuff that I want to do/need to finish.

  1. Finish user page
    1. Add more detail to page summaries
    2. Link to my revision of the rewrtites on some pages where the rewrite had been reverted
    3. Finish miscellaneous section and add pictures
    4. Get the Mario's Adventure With Luigi text from the computer and make it a user sub-page
    5. Ask razor for the Mario's dream text and make it a sub-page
  2. Finish rewrite of Buy N Sell
  3. Write some sort of guide for MIPS Hole pages, i've been thinking about this for a while.
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February 22nd, 1996 build

This build is very mysterious. It has a ton of differences, and some levels are so different, even down to going as far to being even more different than the inverted HUD build, the Spring 1996 manual build, and the E3 1996 build...

  • 1 List of Differences
    • 1.1 General Differences
    • 1.2 Castle Grounds
    • 1.3 Vanish Cap Under the Moat
    • 1.4 Inside The Castle Walls
    • 1.5 Tower of the Wing Cap
    • 1.6 Courtyard
    • 1.7 The Star Selection Screen
    • 1.8 Bob-Omb Battlefield
    • 1.9 Whomp's Fortress
    • 1.10 Secret Slide
    • 1.11 Jolly Roger Bay
    • 1.12 Cool, Cool Mountain
    • 1.13 Big Boo's Haunt
    • 1.14 Bowser in the Dark World
    • 1.15 Hazy Maze Cave
    • 1.16 Cavern of the Metal Cap
    • 1.17 Lethal Lava Land
    • 1.18 Inside the Volcano
    • 1.19 Shitfing Sand Land
    • 1.20 Inside the Pyramid
    • 1.21 Dire, Dire Docks
    • 1.22 Bowser in the Fire Sea
    • 1.23 Snowman's Lan…

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Hugorrr Hugorrr 3 August

thought about bringing this to the table

this mario 64 website: https://jims-place.neocities.org/

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GammaRaul GammaRaul 18 July

Super Mario 64 (Secret Sex Edition) (W.I.P)

Super Mario 64 (Secret Sex Edition) is an extremely rare version of the hit game Super Mario 64. It was discovered by an Internet user that often went by the pseudonym of 'PussyAssFucker9000' on the Ninth of June of 2014. The version was named after the Sex Scenes that have a 1 in 69000 chance of playing when you get a star.

The process in which one must partake to get this version of the game is extremely peculiar, as it can alter reality in various ways, like by teleporting the player and materializing things through unknown means. The following is a description of the most reportedly consistent method of summoning this version.

First, you must go to your local GameStop completely naked at precisely 7:00 AM and subsequently avoid being kick…

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64DD5063 64DD5063 14 July

SM642 Cancellation

I am a former Nintendo employee that worked from 1988 to 1999. I played a major role in the development of Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Mario Party 1, Mario Party 2, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario 64 2.

I was informed about this wiki by a friend, and I am here to explain the cancellation of the aforementioned project, though I am likely breaking the law by doing so.

We started development in late-1996, led by Miyamoto, with a goal already set in mind: A multiplayer-compatible adventure platformer with 15 regular levels with 8 stars each and 5 boss levels with 2 stars each. The game would bring back Tatanga, who would team up with Bowser to steal the power stars to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, and, if Mario got a Game Over, th…

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3dmario game funny 3dmario game funny 14 June


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3dmario game funny 3dmario game funny 14 June

Livaina 2000

Livaina 2000 is real compnany no fak, iit is make gam bonkey shockey 02

gam bokey shokey 002 is for the ps1 on the ps1

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3dmario game funny 3dmario game funny 14 June


how do i

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SpyBoxOnline SpyBoxOnline 3 June

Timeline of the AI and non-in-game happenings

This is a pretty loose timeline of my opinion of how the entire "Mario 64 is personalized" thing went down.

Before 1995/1994 - a unknown company starts developing systems that can personalize video games by changing the game's difficulty and ease of play based on the way that the player plays the game. They also develop an experimental version that can completely change the game's levels and enemies around, creating a completely new experience.

Nintendo buys this AI system from the unknown company but waits to use it in a game until their new "Nintendo 64" console releases.

Development of Super Mario 64 starts (sometime in late 1995?) and Nintendo attempts to implement the AI into the game.

About halfway into the development of Super Mario 64,…

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Sus Template:Explained

So, you’re one of the four people that got their article marked Sus? Or you just saw an article get marked Sus but are curious as to what that even means? Or maybe you want to start using the template yourself but don’t know the proper use?

Well, the use of the (psuedo)template is to, well, mark an article as sus. But what is sus, in this context?

In the game Among Us, “sus” is used for suspicion of being the Impostor. Are you not doing your tasks? That’s sus. Did you say Green vented, but it turns out Green was not an Impostor? That’s sus.

In this wiki, “sus” is used for suspicion of an article (or report, but the template is only used for articles) being fake, or what we would call non-canon.

This is not the same as Dubitation. Dubitations occu…

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Mystery MIPS Theater 3000 Into

In the not-too-distant future

Next Tuesday A.D.

There was a guy on Mips Hole

Not too different from you and me

He worked at MIPS Institute

A place without any jumpsuits

He did a good job finding anomalies each day

But the ninjas didn’t like him so they shot him away! (Wait, how am I in space?!)

“We’ll send him cheesy pages!

The worst that we can find!

He’ll have to sit and read them all,

while we monitor his mind!”

Now keep in mind he can’t control, when the readings begin or end

So he'll have to keep his sanity

With the help of his robot friends

Robot Roll Call!



Tom Servo!


If you're wondering how he eats and breathes

And other science facts (la la la)

Then repeat to yourself "It's just a joke

I should really just relax"

For Mystery Science…

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 24 April

I lost at Mario

Okay, entering Chroma Tundra...

This is one of the more challenging levels in the game. Cut out from the final game with the 4th floor. It’s said only the truly skilled can get the stars there.

Well, no use waiting.. Time to pick the first star.

I was there. On the last course. Soon the Fort I’d see.

With some blizzards, oh and small platforms. Both made hard just for me.

I was tense, I was nervous

I guess it just wasn't my night

The game showed me the platforms

Oh, but I couldn’t get the jumps right-ight-ight

I lost at Mario, baby.


I lost at Mario, baby.


Oh well I knew I was in trouble now

My hopes of winning sank

Because I was down to zero lives

And then my mind went blank.

I switched to go for one hundred coins

But then the …

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 24 April

The Skeld Crewmate/Employee Tape

Thank you for inserting the Maintaining the Skeld, Volume 2 tape. Volume 1 covered the tasks that should be done to ensure a successful trip to the ship’s destination. This tape covers what should be done if it is discovered there is an impostor on the ship.

As you may recall from Volume 1, each of you are given a distinct list of tasks. The tasks are set up such that any group of 8 crewmates will together have the full set of required tasks. The reason for this, rather than it requiring all 10 crewmates to do this, is because up to two impostors can potentially be on the ship, and we had to account for this possibility.

Now, our ship’s current alien lifeform detector is functional enough to scan for how many impostors there are on the ship, b…

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 20 April


Want to use a template on the wiki, only to realize it doesn’t exist?

Well, just because it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you can’t still use it!

I can put the theoretical source code of the template on a subpage specifically for this, and all you have to do is copy/paste it, and you have your fake template! (make sure not to accidentially copy my commentary on them!)

So, enter in what fake templates you want.. and you might just get them!

But since these are fake, they won’t be as good as the real thing. For one you get a slightly less well done header from a real one.

And if the theoretical icon doesn’t exist as a file anywhere... you’re stuck with the closest there is.

List of psuedotemplates:

Sus (Okay, does it count if it later became real? And…

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Randoms578415 Randoms578415 4 April

My Anomalous Findings

First Anomaly: Intro earrape. When i was starting to play the "Mario!" was earrapey.

Second Anomaly: Anti-cheat method, when i was playing i put the 120 stars cheat in my emulator and when i go to the Bowser in the Fire World, the game started a loop of Mario using a star and walking back.Softlocking the game. The only way to stop this is restarting the game.

Third Anomaly: Game restarts itself. Ditto

And thats all.

I need your guys to investigate the anti cheat method because it follows me, every rom i download this anti cheat method is inbued in the game.

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The Search For More Anomalies, Part 1

Sequence:The Basics of Anomalies

Previous:Personalization and AI Safety


Where we left off, we learned that there is an experimental AI that can be found in every copy of Super Mario 64. The AI adapts the game based on your playstyle. In some cases, it may experiment on you to learn more about said playstyle.

But... these personalizations should appear as anomalies. We already found one such anomaly, the cracked wall texture in Whomp’s Fortress, but shouldn’t there be more?

In fact, many more such anomalies have been reported. Unfortunately, because there exist people that also like to make up things about the game, the real reports are mixed in with a bunch of fakes. This makes trying to sort out what really happened a tricky job indee…

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Ultra64Detective2401 Q&A

In this post, I’ll be answering a few questions you may have wanted the answer to. Or it might be something nobody ever wanted, I’m not sure. Anyways, here are the questions, and the answers. (If you have your own question, you can comment it. If you’re lucky, I might just add your question to the list and answer it!)

Q:What brought you here?

I came to report the information I was able to gather about the different anomalies that can be found within the game. There’s a lot of misinformation, and a lot of good information that is often just missed. Other known information also has some implications that many of you are unaware of...

I’m also here to gather information for myself. I can’t do this alone, I’m not the Dissident. We need to crack t…

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A thing

This is a joke blog, nothing here should be taken seriously or considered "canon" to any phenomena. This was a joke game for April Fools’.

(Seriously. There was even a hidden message saying “Happy April Fools’. And hinted at it in the end of my post.)

Want to play a game where you want to gather info on the REEL BEYTAH of Super Mario 64?

Well, it’s here! https://orteil.dashnet.org/igm/index.html?g=DWXqr6RX

...Yep, it’s an idle game! Because what other game would fit the theme?

Gather data! Hire leakers to gather more! Show it all to the world for research points that you can use to further your production (Warning:RP is a prestige layer. The only one, in fact.)

And, most of all.. The game goes up to 100 petabytes!

...What? Not impressed? Oh, you’re …

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 30 March

Intermission:Personalization and AI Safety

Sequence:The Basics of Anomalies

Previous:The Process of Personalization

Next:The Search For More Anomalies, Part 1

Welcome to the first intermission of this series! Intermissions like these appear when we appear to go off on more of a tangent from the main goal of searching for anomalies within the game, and instead speculate on what’s been happening behind the scenes...

This time, we’ll be dealing with AI safety, and the hypothesis that all the anomalies of the game that weren’t what the player wanted, or fun for the player to experience, was a result of a failure on Nintendo’s part in properly implementing AI safety.

So, what is AI safety, and why would it be hard to implement?

AI safety is actually quite simple:It is the problem of getting an …

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 28 March

The Process of Personalization

Sequence:The Basics of Anomalies

Previous:Why Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalized

Next:Intermission:Personalization and AI Safety


Last post, we discovered that in fact, every copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized. But we left off wondering what exactly this “personalization” is, and how it happens.

In this post, we’ll be attempting to solve those mysteries.

Now, as you recall, some copies had their textures edited such to give the appearance of a cracked wall texture, to make the 1-up hint more obvious. We know this is personalization, but what exactly is personalization? How, exactly, is every copy personalized?

We know in order for a game to be personalized, there must be some process that does the personalizing. But how can we …

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 26 March

Why Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalized

Sequence:The Basics of Anomalies

Previous:An Introduction to Anomalies

Next:The Process of Personalization

We left off last post discovering an anomaly-It appears some people have experienced cracks as clues to find the Whomp’s Fortress 1-up, even though that is not what was revealed in the game’s code, nor what happened in most copies of the game. We’ve debunked alternative explanations for this apparent phenomenon, forcing us to reach the strange conclusion that the cracks were real, despite appearing nowhere in the game’s code.

We left off with a few questions: How did this happen? Are there other strange occurances in the game? And why exactly does it feel wrong when you play someone else’s copy of Super Mario 64?

Well, you see... Every copy of …

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Ultra64Detective2401 Ultra64Detective2401 25 March

An Introduction to Anomalies

Sequence:The Basics of Anomalies


Next:Why Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalized

Hello there. Welcome to my introduction to the anomalies that can be found in Super Mario 64. This is the start of a series of posts where I gather info on anomalies, theorize about them, and explain them to you.

Now, there may be some of you who do not know what an anomaly is... or wonder how we even know anomalies exist at all. We all remember Super Mario 64, and our friends tell the same stories as us. Certainly, we don’t recall anything anomalous... at least, most of us don’t. So why are we so sure there’s anything strange at all within the game? Why not just believe Nintendo and the decompilation team when they say there is nothing strange a…

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MadisonF 2991 MadisonF 2991 9 March

Edit war

for the funnys

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MadisonF 2991 MadisonF 2991 8 March


The amogus is still there

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The quiot riot The quiot riot 2 January

May '95

so me and three other people: theinternalplexus, madisonF 2991, and Megaty7 are attempting to remake the may 1995 build of super Mario 64. i am really looking forward to the day that we an see the ROM completed. i am only making the music for the build, theinternalplexus and madisonF 2991 are making the textures and megaty7 is coding the thing. you can help if you want to (but i just need you to have experience if you want to)

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Julonos Julonos 29 December 2020



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YeetusDeletus69420 YeetusDeletus69420 4 September 2020

The Personalization A.I. is sentient

There are many signs throughout Greenio's Lost Tapes hinting at the Personalization A.I. being sentient. These include the A.I. flashing textures over the screen which aren't in Mario 64, specifically English letters, and it even uses these textures to tell the player... something, in 09.14.96. Having recently bought a copy to look into the differences, I was curious. I had found various signs saying "TURN AROUND" in the past, and after thinking about what it might mean, I decided to test my copy for voice recognition.

So I searched my N64 controller for a headphone jack. Sure enough, I found one. I plugged a headset in, and then the screen flashed white. I had no idea what was going on. I wasn't sure whether to go further or not. After a f…

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Rocketstart Rocketstart 2 September 2020

Im Not MustangCobra1!

Like, I'm serious. Also I'm not even talking about Stanley at all lol.

Anyways, MustangCobra1 isn't me. And if it was, then why would've I had more edits than them? Use common sense instead of going into accusations.

Also, every page I make seems to either be deleted or dubitated. Now, I'd understand for the "John" series of joke pages, that was kind of retarded and just plain stupid and dumb. But for marioconnect.exe? wat.

In total, I think it's time that I had a say in this whole "Theory" that I am just MustangCobra1. In Which I'm obviously not.

Ok That is all. Goodbye!

-RocketStart OUTTTTT!

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Rocketstart Rocketstart 2 September 2020

What's Going On, Rocketstart

I can't use the message wall nor forum posts due to a glitch. That's why I made a page for my Message Wall. Ok Thanks Bye. P.S NOR COMMENTS

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